Here’s why your summer camping holiday didn’t go as planned.

Camping NEVER looks like this

Choose your campsite wisely

If your camping holiday sucks, then I can guarantee it all started when you chose the wrong campsite for you.

Camping is for kids

Okay, there is no sane reason why any adult would go camping without kids unless it’s to go to a festival.

If the campsite has a ‘no fires’ policy, maybe book elsewhere?

The weather will always be better the week before

Or after. It’s the rule of camping.

You definitely need more stuff.

Even though you’ve packed half your house into the car and the kids are carefully wedged in like a Tetris brick.

Take the camping-juice

Camping may well be delightful holiday memories for the kids, but for you, it is nothing more than a test of your endurance. Make it easy; take the camping juice. Boxes of red wine last longer and store better than bottles.

That’s not coffee; it’s wine

You’ll be amazed at your home comforts

If you get home and don’t think: “Ooo, eating off crockery from an actual cupboard, this is nice,” then you’ve not actually camped.

And you’ll swear ‘never again.’

If you’ve survived your first time camping thinking, “I’ll never do this again,” don’t be so sure. Give it a few weeks when you’ve got through your mountain of washing, and you’ll get those rose-tinted memories of star-gazing, the joy of truly being screen-free and of all the damp, cramped, endless things to do will fade. Before you know it, you’ll be booking your next year’s trip and searching eBay for that car roof rack to fit more stuff in.



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